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Universal Genetics is a leading DNA paternity and forensic testing center in the United States. Our staff includes some of the nation’s most reputable and experienced DNA scientists. We are the only AABB-accredited DNA paternity testing laboratory along the west coast directed by a Medical Doctor. Our state-of-art DNA testing facility has the most advanced equipment, certified clean rooms and the latest robotic technology. With Universal Genetics, you can expect professional and friendly service delivered by our DNA test experts.
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Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry. AABB’s accreditation is the gold standard for DNA testing procedures that ensures the quality and accuracy of any family relationship DNA test. Only the DNA test results produced by an AABB-accredited laboratory are legally admissible and accepted by immigration authorities such as USCIS and U. S. embassies overseas in a family-based immigration petition.

AABB does not accredit any laboratory that performs in-home or curiosity DNA testing. Beware of those laboratories that claim to be AABB accredited, but perform private in-home DNA testing. These laboratories and resellers do not comply with AABB’s policies and regulations. Therefore, test results coming from them would not be accepted by any USCIS field office, U.S. embassy, or legal court.
Universal Genetics’ DNA Testing Center is accredited by AABB and maintains the most stringent laboratory quality assurance procedures. Universal Genetics not only masters the scientific aspects of DNA testing, but also understands the moral and ethical aspects of the services and how it could impact our patients’ lives.

We are the only laboratory in the nation that provides every one of our clients with a copy of their results, an explanation of what the results mean, and full chain-of-custody documents. The complete documentation eliminates our clients’ worries about tested parties’ identities and possible sample mix-up.

We treat each client as an individual who needs to make an informed, life-changing decision. We strive to ensure that the DNA test results we produce are 100% accurate, and our clients are able to use their DNA testing results to solve the problem they face in their specific circumstance.
Continuous efforts by researchers, scientists and medical professionals in discovering the properties of DNA and applying DNA technology to the medical and health fields bring the topic in the media spotlight almost every day. Click here to find out what is the media buzz word about DNA today.
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