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DNA Testing Accreditation

AABB Accredited DNA Testing Lab listUniversal Genetics DNA testing laboratory is accredited by the AABB (formerly American Associations of Blood Banks). The AABB’s family relationship testing standards and accreditation program is the gold standard for DNA testing laboratories.

AABB sets very stringent testing procedures and requires that the accredited laboratories maintain a very high quality assurance program throughout the entire testing process including specimen collection procedures outside of the testing laboratory. To ensure strict chain of custody for the specimens and results, the AABB requires that the specimens are collected and processed by neutral third parties who have no interest in the outcome of the test.

Additionally, all tested parties need to be properly identified with a paper trail. Official consent is given by the tested parties to the collectors and the laboratory for specimen collection and testing. These documents comprise part of the full chain-of-custody package that makes the DNA test results legally admissible.

Only DNA results produced by an AABB-accredited laboratory are accepted by a court of law and immigration authorities such as USCIS and U. S. embassies for immigration purposes. Universal Genetics is proud to be a member of this small and exclusive AABB-accredited group. Our DNA scientists are actively involved in providing input to the AABB accreditation committee.

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