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At Universal Genetics, our ongoing partnerships with professionals and organizations have helped our network of services become stronger and allow more people to have access to quality DNA tests offered by a leading DNA testing laboratory in the country.

Medical Professionals

If you are a family physician, pediatrician, OB-GYN or other medical professionals, you may have been asked about DNA paternity testing . With Universal Genetics, you can be assured that your patients will enjoy the most reliable DNA testing and the best client service. We will be honored to be entrusted with your referral and guarantee complete satisfaction for your patients.

Legal Professionals

If you are an attorney representing someone in a civil, immigration, or criminal case, we offer both legal paternity and forensic DNA testing services. Our chain-of-custody DNA results and DNA expert services can help handle your case with a critical piece of evidence in your hands.

Service Partners

If you are a drug, alcohol, or other type of clinical testing laboratory, we offer you the opportunity to be our specimen collection partner.

Other Businesses

Our DNA testing services are increasingly used by adoption agencies, fertility laboratories, and other organizations that need to verify biological relationships and identities in their business procedures.

For more information about partnering with Universal Genetics, please call 1-800-914-1002.

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Toll Free 1-800-914-1002
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