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How to Choose a DNA Testing Laboratory


AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry. AABB’s accreditation is the gold standard for DNA testing procedures that ensures the quality and accuracy of any family relationship DNA test. Only the DNA test results produced by an AABB-accredited laboratory are legally admissible and accepted by immigration authorities such as USCIS and U. S. embassies overseas in a family-based immigration petition. AABB does not accredit any laboratory that performs in-home or curiosity DNA testing. Beware of those laboratories that claim to be AABB accredited, but perform private in-home DNA testing. These laboratories and resellers do not comply with AABB’s policies and regulations. Therefore, test results coming from them would not be accepted by any USCIS field office, U.S. embassy, or legal court.

Staff qualification:

A quality laboratory is usually directed by an M.D. or Ph.D. scientist who has comprehensive professional training in molecular biology and medical science. In addition, the circumstance for each DNA test varies, which requires different testing procedures and specially trained customer service representatives to guide you through the testing process. There are many resellers in the market that do not have qualified staff to conduct the DNA tests themselves, but contract other DNA laboratories to perform these highly sophisticated tests. Because of the complexity of each DNA test, the quality of testing and service could be compromised if you do not deal with the DNA testing laboratory directly. A good question to ask is whether the business you talk to is an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory or simply sends your specimen to a different laboratory.

Right pricing:

A quality DNA test is performed in an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory by qualified scientists. It uses sophisticated equipment such as PCR machines, genetic analyzers, and robotic technology. Expensive chemical reagents are also used in the testing process. A small number of highly qualified and efficient laboratories such as Universal Genetics are able to offer DNA testing services at a very competitive price without compromising the quality and accuracy of any test. However, there are many less qualified laboratories and resellers typically found on the internet that are willing to compromise the quality and accuracy by offering very low prices. There is a good reason to ask if these businesses are cutting corners to perform this critical test that can have life-changing impact on you and your loved ones.

Client Service

No one wants to deal with a business that directs their clients to an automated voice system. This is an important sign that indicates if a laboratory is well staffed with caring and knowledgeable client service representatives to take each and every call in a timely manner. Taking a DNA paternity test is a very personal experience. Make sure that the laboratory staff you talk to understand the science and deliver their service in a professional, informative, and caring way with strict confidentiality for your case and personal information.

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Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry.
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