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Curiosity DNA Paternity Test

A curiosity (in-home) paternity DNA test is conducted without following chain-of-custody procedures. Unlike a legal paternity test, tested parties’ specimens in a curiosity test are not collected by a neutral third party professional. In a curiosity test, there is no proper identification of each tested party or documentation about how the specimens are collected, handled, and shipped to the testing laboratory. Because chain-of-custody procedures are not followed, the testing results cannot be used as legally admissible evidence or be accepted by government agencies for any legal purposes.

In a curiosity DNA paternity test, the specimen collection kit will be sent directly to the tested parties, who will then collect their own specimens and ship the specimens back to the laboratory for testing. Since neither the testing laboratory nor any of its specimen collection sites is involved in identifying the tested parties or collecting the specimens, the testing laboratory has no way to verify the origins of the specimens. Therefore, the laboratory will not be able to provide legally admissible results. The results report will not include the tested parties’ names. The report will only provide results from a simple comparison test between samples from unknown origin. If any biological relationship exists between these specimens, the report will draw a conclusion about the relationship between them without mentioning any names. .

Any reputable DNA testing laboratory that provides high quality family relationship testing is accredited by AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks). AABB only accredits DNA testing laboratories that follow chain-of-custody procedures. DNA testing laboratories that promote curiosity paternity testing do not comply with AABB regulations and cannot guarantee accuracy or quality.

To receive 100% accurate test results that ensure complete peace of mind or if you need to use your DNA testing results for any legal matters in the future, Universal Genetics strongly suggests you take a legal paternity test with an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory. To learn how you can initiate a legal paternity DNA test with our laboratory, please call 1-800-914-1002 or click here to read more information about the legal test.

If you do not need a DNA test for any legal matter, want to take a paternity test only for your private knowledge, and are concerned about having every party collected by a medical professional, a curiosity test may be right for you. For more information about curiosity paternity DNA testing, please call

Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry.
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