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Forensic DNA Expert Services

Universal Genetics is one of the very few DNA testing laboratories directed and staffed by M.D. scientists in the U. S. Our Laboratory Director has years of experience providing DNA testing and consultation services to local police departments, coroner’s offices, hospitals, and attorneys. Our team of DNA experts is available to help our clients interpret testing results and provide basic DNA education, case specific review, consultation, and courtroom testimony services.

DNA Case Review and Consultation

When a case involves DNA evidence, our experts can help to examine the case file details from sample collection and testing methodology to reporting of results. The right interpretation of these details is crucial in establishing the credibility of DNA evidence in a court of law. Our DNA experts are unbiased and neutral with the sole interest in discovering the truth using DNA technology. Unlike some other DNA experts who offer consultation services only, our scientists have hands-on experience in a DNA testing laboratory, which adds a very important perspective in understanding how DNA evidence is processed and how the DNA results are generated.

Our DNA experts will review the case file including the laboratory notes, raw data, reports, and explain to our clients what the entire case file means. Typically, the case file is evaluated to verify if there is any non-standard procedures used in generating the results and if the scientific data supports the conclusions.

Based on our DNA experts’ opinions, you will be able to understand what the DNA evidence means for your case and determine if you want to pursue second-opinion testing.

DNA Expert Testimony and Deposition

Our leading genetic scientists offer courtroom DNA expert testimony on cases that were tested by Universal Genetics or other DNA testing laboratories. They can explain the test results, testing methodology, and procedures in the language that is easily understood by the jury and other people in court.

Phone or on-site deposition by one of our qualified DNA scientists is also available when requested.

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