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About Universal Genetics

Universal GeneticsUniversal Genetics is a leading paternity and forensic DNA testing laboratory in the U. S. We are one of the very few DNA laboratories directed and staffed by DNA scientists with M.D. degrees. Our state-of-art DNA testing facility has the most advanced equipment, certified clean rooms, and the latest robotic technology. Our mission is to provide our highly sophisticated service to people who want to answer their questions about relationship, ancestry, or identity. With Universal Genetics, you are assured that your DNA results are delivered by a laboratory with outstanding qualifications.

Industry Accreditation

Universal Genetics is accredited by the AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks). The AABB is the regulating organization that sets standards and policies for the DNA family relationship testing industry. Legal courts and immigration authorities such as USCIS and U.S. embassies only accept DNA results produced by an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory. Universal Genetics is a proud member of this small and exclusive group and actively involves itself in establishing policies and providing input to the AABB’s Relationship Testing Standards and Accreditation Unit.

Nationally Recognized Scientists

Our laboratory is staffed with nationally recognized DNA experts. Our DNA experts are active members in the industry when it comes to establishing quality standards and ethical practices. Our DNA experts are also frequently consulted by local law enforcement agencies to answer forensic DNA questions and by USCIS field offices to establish proper DNA testing request processes for immigration purposes.

Unmatched Customer Service

We are proud to have a team of DNA experts and client service professionals who understand the impact of our services and go the extra mile to ensure the best interests of our clients. Our DNA case managers are very knowledgeable and deliver this highly sophisticated service in a professional and friendly manner. As a private DNA testing laboratory, we guarantee our clients with 100% confidentiality for their personal information.

For information about our laboratory and DNA testing services, please call 1-800-914-1002.

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Toll Free 1-800-914-1002
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