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Paternity DNA Testing Procedures

We understand that a paternity DNA test is a very personal and private matter. Our mission is to produce accurate, reliable testing results with complete protection for our clients’ privacy.

From the first time you call in, you will be talking to one of our highly professional and friendly DNA test case counselors. You can even choose to talk to the same case counselor throughout the entire testing process. Only a very limited number of our staff involved in handling your case will have access to your information.

When you are ready to set up the case and start the testing process, we will ask that you send us some very simple information about the tested parties. We will discuss the right type of DNA testing option for your situation and arrange a specimen collection appointment at a place near your home or workplace.

It takes about 20 minutes for a trained professional to complete the specimen collection procedure. We typically use painless buccal swabs to collect loose cells from the tested parties’ inner cheeks. Occasionally, we collect blood specimens if needed. Since our DNA is the same throughout the entire body, the DNA testing results will not be affected by the type of sample that we collect and use. At the collection appointment, you will expect to complete some chain-of-custody documents including the client identity and consent form. The tested parties can choose specimen collection appointments at different times and locations if preferred.

After our laboratory receives all tested parties’ specimens, the testing process in the laboratory begins. An expensive chemical reagent is used to extract DNA from the specimens, which is then amplified by the PCR machine. The DNA amplification process through PCR produces a large quantity of viable DNA, making further testing possible. The quantified DNA then goes through the genetic analyzer that generates the raw data about the DNA markers used for human identification. Our experienced DNA analysts will conduct analysis based on the raw data and draw conclusion on the tested relationship. Our laboratory director will perform the final technical review and sign out the testing report.

Every Universal Genetics’ client will receive a copy of the testing results, an explanation of what the DNA testing results mean and complete chain-of-custody documents. This complete reporting package is legally admissible in any court of law.

For more information about our paternity DNA testing procedures or to receive a free consultation with one of our DNA testing experts, please call

Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry.
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