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Universal Genetics offers the most complete DNA testing services to determine a variety of biological family relationships. This page provides a brief introduction of each DNA test we offer. You can learn more about the DNA test you are interested in by clicking on the link. To get additional information or a free consultation with our DNA testing experts, please call 1-800-914-1002.
DNA Paternity Test
This DNA test proves the biological father-child relationship between a man and a child. Our very sensitive DNA testing methods use the most advanced DNA technology and can conclusively prove or disprove this relationship with 100% accuracy.
Immigration DNA Test
In a family-based immigration petition, the U. S. immigration authorities may request a DNA test to prove the claimed biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiaries when primary documents such as birth certificate are not available. USCIS and U. S. embassies only accept DNA test results produced by an AABB-accredited laboratory with full chain-of-custody documents.
Prenatal Paternity Test
A paternity test can be performed before the child is born, ideally during the 10th and 24th week of pregnancy. This DNA test proves or disapproves the biological father-child relationship between a man and a child conclusively. The child’s DNA specimen is typically collected by an OB-GYN using CVS or Amniocentesis procedures.
DNA Maternity Test
This DNA test proves the biological mother-child relationship between a woman and a child. This test is typically used in an immigration or adoption situation when the claimed relationship is in question.
DNA Grandparentage Test
This DNA test determines the biological grandparent-grandchild relationship between a child and the alleged grandparent(s). This test is mostly used to prove paternity indirectly when the alleged father is not available for testing. Depending on the number of known family members available for the DNA test, the testing results vary from conclusive to somewhat indicated.
DNA Siblingship Test
This DNA test determines probability of siblingship between two individuals. This test is typically used to find out if two individuals share one or both of their biological parents.
Other DNA Tests
Our laboratory also provides Genetic Reconstruction, Y-STR and mt-DNA testing services to determine paternal and maternal lineage. Additional services include Native American DNA tests, and DNA profiling/banking services.
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