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Forensic DNA Services

The forensic DNA testing technology has been applied to identify suspects and victims in violent crimes, and discover identities of victims of natural or plotted disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and September 11 Attack. The technology is based on the scientific fact that every individual’s DNA is unique except for identical twins. By analyzing and comparing reference samples and biological materials such as blood, tissues, and finger nails left behind at a crime scene, forensic DNA scientists are able to link suspects and victims to a specific crime.

Universal Genetics is a leading forensic DNA laboratory that provides testing, consultation, DNA case review, and expert testimony services.

DNA Testing Services

Our DNA testing laboratory uses 13 STR loci established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in generating DNA profiles for reference and evidence samples. In 1997, the FBI announced the selection of these 13 STR DNA loci to constitute the core of the national database – Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Our laboratory can help law enforcement and prosecution to achieve a “cold hit” in CODIS or match suspects and victims by testing biological evidence collected from the crime scene.

As a private laboratory, we also provide unbiased DNA testing services to defense attorneys who seek second-opinion testing on samples processed by the government crime labs.

DNA Case Review and Consultation

Our experienced DNA scientists offer review and interpretation of a DNA case file for legal professionals. General consultation on DNA technology used in forensics or DNA evidence used in specific criminal cases is also offered as part of our expertise.

DNA Expert Testimony Service

Our unbiased DNA experts provide courtroom testimony when DNA evidence is involved. They can explain the DNA results, testing methodology, procedures, and statistical calculation in simple language that is easily understood by the jury and the judge.

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