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Forensic DNA Casework

As one of the leading forensic DNA testing laboratories in the U. S., Universal Genetics provides complete forensic DNA services from testing and identifying the sources of biological evidence collected from the crime scene to expert testimony in a court room.

Our laboratory helps law enforcement agencies such as the police department, coroner’s office, and medical examiner’s office to test biological evidence using the 13 STR loci established by FBI. As a neutral and private testing laboratory, we also help legal professionals such as criminal defense attorneys seeking second-opinion testing to test forensic samples that were already processed by a government crime laboratory.

Our laboratory maintains strict chain-of-custody and quality assurance procedures to ensure the integrity of the DNA results that will be used as legal evidence in court. We implement a flawless forensic documentation process to monitor each step of the testing process in our laboratory. Once we receive the evidence, a chain-of-custody form will follow the evidence throughout the entire process.

In addition to standard STR platform, we have the capacity and expertise to perform Y-STR and mt-DNA testing on some types of difficult samples including bones, teeth, hair without roots, and finger nails.

Y-STR DNA testing targets DNA found on the male-specific Y chromosome. In a case where the limited amount of DNA sample supposedly coming from a male individual is masked by female DNA such as in a rape crime, Y-STR can help to exclude the female portion of the mixed DNA and zoom in the male DNA specifically in order to identify the source. However, since Y-STR is inherited along the paternal line, it is not as differential as STR when it comes to linking the tested samples conclusively.

mtDNA testing targets non-nucleus DNA inherited along the maternal line. Like Y-STR, it is not as differential as STR since all maternally related siblings share the same mitochondrial DNA sequence. However, mtDNA offers rich copies even in a very limited amount of DNA or degraded DNA. Therefore, it is used to test difficult samples such as bones, teeth, and hair shaft when STR is not a viable option.

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