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Forensic DNA Paternity Test

The forensic DNA parentage test is used to identify suspects and victims in a criminal situation such as rape or incest when a child is conceived as a result. It can also be used to identify victims of natural or plotted disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and September 11 Attack through the living family members who are available for relationship DNA testing.

Universal Genetics is a leading paternity and forensic DNA testing laboratory, which gives us many advantages to perform forensic DNA parentage test. Our laboratory is staffed by both paternity and forensic DNA experts to offer unmatched experience and expertise in this highly specialized type of test.

Our laboratory is capable of processing unusual samples such as blood, fetal tissue, bone, and hair in addition to the regular buccal swab reference samples. For reference samples, we can either accept the samples collected by law enforcement or arrange a sample collection appointment through our nationwide specimen collection network. When our collection site is used, we will send them a chain-of-custody form and a client consent form to adhere to the strict legal procedures that ensure integrity of the samples and the testing results.

Our laboratory director and other DNA analysts are available to provide depositions and expert testimony in court for the forensic DNA parentage test we perform if needed.

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