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Initiate an Immigration DNA Test

In a family-based immigration petition, if your primary documents such as birth certificate and school records are not available, or do not satisfy the immigration authorities in verifying your family relationship, you will receive a Request for Further Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), which may suggest you take a voluntary DNA test performed by an AABB-accredited laboratory to prove your claimed relationship.

When you are ready to proceed with the DNA test, you can call 1-800-914-1002 to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable immigration DNA testing experts. We will help you to determine the type of family relationship testing that will answer the question raised by the immigration authorities. To choose the right type of DNA test for your situation, we will ask you to fax or email the USCIS or embassy letter (RFE or NOID) to us so that we know which immigration office we will work with and what type of relationship you need to prove.

We will then schedule specimen collection appointments for all the tested parties in the U. S. No matter where you are, our nationwide collection network will be able to arrange a convenient appointment near your home or work. For those tested parties overseas, the specimen collection arrangement has to be made by the embassy/consulate or USCIS field office in the country where the beneficiaries reside. The overseas tested parties’ specimens will be collected by a designated panel physician under the supervision of an immigration officer in some countries. Our laboratory will send a DNA collection kit to the embassy or directly to the panel physician who will then contact the tested parties for an appointment. The collected specimens will be shipped back to our testing laboratory in the U. S. for testing.

It takes about 3 to 5 working days for our laboratory to complete testing after all tested parties’ specimens arrive. The DNA test results with a copy of the chain-of-custody documents will be shipped directly to the requesting USCIS office or U. S. embassy. The client will also receive an identical copy of results and chain-of-custody documents.

If you decide to initiate a DNA test before it is officially requested by the USCIS, U. S. embassy, or immigration court, we can help you to take an international legal DNA test without embassy or USCIS involvement. This test is usually done to satisfy your need to file a petition with DNA test results included as part of the application materials. However, the USCIS field offices and U. S. embassies may not accept the testing results as definitive evidence since they are not involved in the specimen collection process. Our laboratory has a worldwide specimen collection network that provides chain-of-custody DNA collection to ensure that the testing results are legally admissible in a U. S. court of law. The testing results in this scenario can be sent to the immigration court, your immigration attorney, or yourself as requested.

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Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry.
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