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Universal Genetics is an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory specialized in both family relationship testing and forensic identification services. In recent years, DNA testing services have been widely used by attorneys representing clients in civil, immigration, adoption, and criminal cases. Our DNA services are typically used in the following legal situations:

Family Law Case

This chain-of-custody DNA test can be ordered by a court to prove biological parentage relationship in child support, parental rights, inheritance, and divorce cases. Sometimes, involved parties may choose to initiate a legal parentage test without a court order and use the DNA test results as legally admissible evidence to support their cases.

Immigration Case

When primary documents to prove family relationships are missing or not sufficient to satisfy the immigration authorities, some immigration applicants will be requested by USCIS, U. S. embassies or immigration courts to take a DNA test. Only DNA results from an AABB-accredited laboratory are accepted by U. S. immigration authorities.

Adoption Case

It is always a good legal practice to verify who are the adopted child’s birth parents and have them officially waive their parental rights to avoid future legal disputes. In an international adoption situation, some countries such as Guatemala and Vietnam require a legal DNA test performed between the adopted child and his/her birth mother before the child can be legally adopted and brought to the U. S.

Criminal Case

Forensic DNA testing is increasingly used to help solve violent crimes. A DNA test can help to link suspects and victims to a crime by comparing the reference samples and any biological evidence left behind at the crime scene.

More and more legal professionals are seeking second-opinion DNA testing, DNA case review, consultation, and DNA expert witness services to support their cases.

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