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Universal Genetics DNA Testing Center is a leading DNA testing facility in the U. S. Universal Genetics not only masters the scientific aspects of DNA testing, but also understands the moral and ethical aspects of the services and how it could impact our clients’ lives.

We will be honored to be entrusted with your referral to anyone who needs a DNA test to answer his or her questions about biological relationships. Through Universal Genetics, your patients will enjoy the following benefits:

Highest DNA Testing Quality

Universal Genetics’ family relationship DNA testing laboratory is accredited by AABB (formerly American Associations of Blood Banks). AABB’s family relationship standards and accreditation program is the gold standard for DNA paternity and other kinship testing laboratories. AABB sets very stringent testing procedures and requires that the accredited laboratories maintain a very strict quality assurance program. Only DNA results produced by an AABB-accredited laboratory are accepted by a court of law and immigration authorities such as USCIS and U. S. embassies for immigration purposes.

Excellent Client Service

We have a specially trained team of client service professionals who are committed to delivering the highly sophisticated DNA testing services in a simple manner. Our dedicated service representatives will be there to help clients from choosing the right type of test to explaining the DNA test results. Our staff routinely takes the extra mile when it comes to making convenient specimen collection arrangements for tested parties residing in different cities, states, or even countries.

Fastest Turnaround Time

The standard DNA paternity test is completed within 3 to 5 working days in our laboratory. Expedited services that can be completed within 24 hours are available in some situations.

Competitive Pricing

We are proud to offer the most competitive prices among the DNA testing laboratories with the same credentials. We charge only $395 for a standard paternity DNA test compared to $500 typically charged by other AABB-accredited laboratories.

Nationwide Specimen Collection Network

No matter where your patients are, our nationwide specimen collection network can arrange a convenient appointment for them. Our collection network also extends to overseas panel physicians and other reputable medical facilities across the world.

For more information about how we can help your patients set up a DNA test, please call 1-800-914-1002.

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Toll Free 1-800-914-1002
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