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Mission and values

Universal Genetics’ mission is to provide high quality DNA testing services for our clients in order to answer their questions concerning relationship, identity, or ancestry while keeping in mind the moral and ethical impact of the services in their lives. We are a private, neutral, and unbiased DNA testing laboratory. Our staff is committed to discovering truth with our expertise and helping our clients answer their questions with 100% certainty and confidentiality.

First and foremost, we value people - both our employees and our clients. Without our dedicated and highly qualified staff, we will not be able to deliver this sophisticated service with confidence and pride. Without our clients, we will not exist. Together, we explore to answer life-changing questions and face the challenges they present.

We value quality. We recognize that accuracy is the very basic component of our services. We strive to deliver 100% accurate testing services to every one of our clients.

We value honest and ethical business conduct. We require that our staff share information about each test and choose the right type of testing option with our clients in a clear and simple way. We try our best to help answer our clients’ questions accurately with the least possible financial burden.

We value our community. We are actively involved in the DNA testing industry when it comes to setting standards, rules, and regulations so that our industry becomes stronger as a whole. We have formed a partnership with other DNA testing laboratories so that we can exchange experience in order to make all of us better service providers. We also realize that we are a corporate citizen in our community and we are committed to making contributions to the growth of our community whenever we can.

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