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Non-standard Paternity Tests

Universal Genetics routinely performs DNA paternity tests using buccal swabs and blood specimens. However, some of our clients may face an unusual circumstance when either one of the tested parties is not available to contribute buccal samples or the client wants to confirm paternity using self-collect procedures.

Non-standard DNA specimens

In the situation where one or more tested parties are not available to contribute specimens, our laboratory can use some non-standard samples such as hair (with roots), organ or muscle tissue, a tooth brush, or other frequently-used personal items for the DNA test. Our DNA analyst will take some additional procedures to extract DNA from these unusual samples. If there is enough viable DNA, our laboratory can perform the DNA test. Depending on the type of sample and how it was stored before arriving in our laboratory, the success rate of obtaining DNA from these samples varies.

Curiosity DNA Test

Some of our clients may not need to use their DNA test results for any legal purposes and might want to keep the test as private as possible. In that situation, Universal Genetics offers curiosity paternity testing, which allows the clients to collect their own samples without involving a third-party professional collector. We will send the clients a DNA home collection kit that contains buccal swabs with instructions on how to collect their own samples with complete privacy. Our laboratory is also capable of processing unusual samples such as a tooth brush, hair with roots, cigarette butts, or other frequently-used personal items for DNA testing.

Because there is no chain of custody in the specimen collection procedure, the results from a curiosity DNA test will not be legally admissible and cannot be used to claim child support, inheritance, or other social benefits. If you need to use the DNA test results for any legal purpose such as child support, immigration, or adoption, you need a legal paternity test.

For more information about unusual DNA testing samples or curiosity paternity testing, please call 1-800-914-1002.

Accreditations: AABB is the regulating body for the DNA paternity and family relationship testing industry.
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