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Prenatal Paternity Test

Paternity DNA testing can be conducted before the child is born. Since our DNA does not change once it is conceived during sexual reproduction, a DNA paternity test before the child’s birth is as accurate as a standard paternity test conducted after the child is born. Universal Genetics is experienced in testing prenatal samples to determine paternity conclusively.

Unlike a standard paternity DNA test that uses buccal swab samples for all tested parties, a prenatal DNA paternity test requires special procedures to collect the baby’s specimens by an OB-GYN. The two most common procedures are Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentitis. Both procedures are invasive and involve some risks to the fetus. We encourage our clients to first consult with their OB-GYNs and find out if they are a good candidate for these procedures.

The Amniocentitis procedure is performed during the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy. Guided by ultrasound, the OB-GYN will use a long needle to collect Amnio fluid samples through the abdomen.

The CVS procedure is performed during the 10th and 13th week of pregnancy. This procedure involves the removal of a small amount of placental tissue for testing.

Some of you may take prenatal samples for genetic disease testing or other purposes. In that situation, the samples already collected for those tests can also be used for paternity testing.

For other tested parties, the standard buccal swabs will be used to collect loose cells from the inner cheeks. Our nationwide collection network will be able to arrange a convenient specimen collection appointment near your home or workplace.

Prenatal DNA paternity testing produces conclusive results with 0% probability of paternity if the alleged father is not biologically related to the child or with greater than 99.9% probability of paternity if the alleged father is the biological father of the tested child.

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