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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement:

Universal Genetics, LLC (UG) pledges to take all necessary measures to provide accurate information on our corporate website (and other domains including and - all UG websites) and protect our clients’ personal information provided to us online and off line.

Protection of Personal Information

Universal Genetics will not release, transfer, or sell any personal information such as name, case number, or contact information to any third party unless required by law.

Other Information

Our websites record users’ visiting logs such as their IP addresses and browser systems so that we can analyze the statistics to make our website accessible and helpful to more people. This information is collected and stored in an aggregate format, rather than individually. This information is considered public information and will not be protected as personal information.

Copyright Information

The content and graphics of all UG websites are protected by copyright and intended for personal use only. The content of all UG websites must not be used for commercial reproduction.


Universal Genetics LLC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on all UG websites. Content in our websites is subject to change without notice. All users agree that their access and use of the content found on all UG websites is at their own risk. Neither Universal Genetics nor any party involved in creating, producing, maintaining, and delivering UG websites is liable to any person for any damages arising from the access to and use of such websites.

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