All 3 locations count with independent full service laboratory accreditations and are part of the same company. Also, we have our own staff in each location which allow us to handle your case from any of the main ports of entry to the U.S


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We provide DNA testing services in every state in the U.S.
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International Collection Sites

We have the capability of collecting DNA specimen in different countries around the world. We have worked in the past with private overseas hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and panel physicians. Also, we maintained a fine relationship with many clinic and physicians designated by USCIS and U.S. Embassies/Consulates. The same strict chain-of-custody protocol is followed in all international cases.

Collection Sites

Universal Genetics has a nationwide network of DNA specimen collection sites. We have a large DNA specimen collection network of physicians, clinics and laboratories. We can also collect samples overseas.

These DNA collection sites are assigned to our clients by our laboratory based on the clients’ location. The DNA collection site will not receive any information from our client other than a name and telephone number. When we send a DNA kit to them, the collection site only knows that they have to collect the samples from a particular individual. They are never informed of the procedure the participant is handling with us. This way, their participation in the process is limited to focus on collecting a DNA samples which will be returned to our laboratory in a secure manner.

Also, for U.S. immigration and other legally admissible tests, if the client lives within and reasonable distance to one of our laboratories, we will ask the client to come directly to one of our offices. All DNA collection sites we use are trusted facilities that have been previously vetted and used with trained professionals to collect specimens for our clients. We are a major DNA testing laboratory that provides our services for lawyers, physicians, and hospitals throughout the United States.

Mobile Service Available

Mobile collection services are available in special circumstances when the client is physically incapable of reaching one of our collection sites or locations. These services are coordinated with the use of independent collectors who can travel to the participant’s location to collect his/her DNA samples. There are separate fees involved with this service depending on the distance and location of the participants. Please call to obtain more information.

Also, when the circumstances allow it, we can send a DNA collection kit to the patient’s family physician. Nevertheless, this will be considered as a conflict of interest for any case; thus most likely, we will take this option providing that the DNA test you require is for personal purposes only.

Reliable and Professional Staff

The DNA sample collection sites we work with are staffed by highly qualified professionals that many times include nurses, phlebotomists, and physicians; who are trained to perform chain-of-custody specimen collections using our strict protocols and guidelines. We also work with USCIS and U.S. embassy-designated panel physicians for specimen collection in immigration DNA tests.

Typically, we can schedule a specimen collection appointment within 24 hours. Tested parties can choose to come for the appointment at different times and locations. Wherever you are, we will find the most convenient location for you.


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