Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics was founded on providing DNA testing for Immigration purposes. Unlike other laboratories, our primary focus was built around immigration DNA testing. Immigration DNA testing is our specialty, and we have three full service AABB-Accredited laboratories located in the busiest ports of entry for immigrants (Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami). You will not find another laboratory who is as knowledgeable or as experienced as Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics for immigration testing.

Our laboratories perform DNA tests to prove paternity, maternity, siblingship, grand parentage, avuncular or other kinship for immigration purposes. DNA Testing is often an essential step to finalize the immigration process for family members that wish to immigrate to the United States. When other evidence or paper documentation (e.g. birth certificate, school records, etc.) are considered insufficient or inconclusive to prove a biological relationship by the USCIS, the Passport Agency, or the U.S. Embassy, a DNA test performed by an AABB-Accredited laboratory like Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics may be requested to prove the biological relationship between a petitioner and a beneficiary.

Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics has 3 full service AABB-Accredited laboratories with Collection Sites that can coordinate DNA sample collections in almost all places throughout the United States and many places in the world. Our years of experience, focus and specialization in Immigration DNA Testing makes us the ideal choice to handle your Immigration DNA test from beginning to end. We follow strict AABB Guidelines for the collection, handling, and testing of your DNA samples. We also strictly follow the procedures for U.S. Immigration DNA Testing as established in the Foreign Affairs Manual published by the U.S. Department of State.




Our laboratory controls the
petitioner’s DNA sample collection
process, if they are in the U.S.


Our laboratory ships the DNA
Collection Kit to the U.S. Embassy /
USCIS office in the country abroad


The U.S. Embassy / USCIS Office collects
the beneficiary’s DNA sample and ships
them back to our laboratory


Once the DNA testing is complete, our
laboratory ships the DNA Testing Results
to the requesting immigration office

Requirements to initiate your Immigration DNA Test

A copy of the letter / written request provided by the U.S. Embassy or USCIS Office. This document typically contains:
Your file / case number
The names of the persons that need to be tested
The type of relationship that needs to be proved

In addition, we will need the following from the participants:
Dates of Birth
Phone Numbers
Once you have provided the required information accurately, you only need to keep your appointments to have your samples collected. We will handle everything else with the collection kit shipping, testing, and reporting of the DNA Test Report to the immigration agencies.
All the information required to initiate this case can be provided in our online form. If necessary, you can use the notes section in the online form to provide any additional instructions for our staff.


To get your DNA testing process started,
or to answer any questions you may have

Please call 1-888-DNA-LAB-8 (1-888-362-5228)
and one of our DNA Case Counselors
will be glad to guide you through the process.